Wood Fire Heaters & Fireplaces


For that wonderful ambiance that only a wood fire heater or fireplace can give, we have a range to suit your needs. With rising energy bills, many people have gone back to the warm and cosy atmosphere that can only be produced through natural wood heating.

Wood fire heaters today are far more energy efficient and have far less ash (if any) to remove, than older models. They can burn 24/7 and use much less wood than an open fire.

We can supply a range of wood fire heaters and fireplaces, including radiant and convection, in both traditional and contemporary styles to suit all decors.

We offer wood fire heaters that are both free standing and ones that can be built in. These can be fitted into an existing fireplace or we can supply dimensions for a mock fireplace to be built. All options are covered!


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Convection or Radiant Wood Heater

A radiant wood fire is a cost effective option and would suit a smaller space.

A convection wood fire heater will burn your wood very efficiently and leave little ash to be cleaned out. Some have ash trays and most come with different options to ensure the look and life of your wood fire heater is the best it can be. A fan will push the warm air further and quicker to warm things up sooner.

Warranties are up to 15 years.

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Installation and Spare Parts

We offer installation by experienced installers, with many years in the trade. This is not a job for the home handyman! We also supply flue kits and everything you need for complete, worry free installation so you can feel confident that your wood fire will burn away merrily and safely.

We also keep on hand a large range of spare parts for your convenience.

If you’re thinking of making the change to a Wood Heater, email or call us at Glow. We’ll set you up with the perfect design to suit your heating and decor needs.

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Brands and models we recommend

Invicta Nelson, Invicta Ove, Focus, Regency, Morso, Stovax, Montrose, Berwick, Bellerive, Riva, Vancouver, Narrabri, Cardinia, Renmark, Alterra, Albany, Hume, Gosford, Richmond, Kingston, 8100 series, 7900 series, 7600 series, 6600 series, 6100 series, s10 series, Forno, Skantherm, Pacific Energy, Pyroclassic, Yunca Dual, Esse, Ironheart, Esse 905, Esse 990, Esse 500, Monte, Alderlea, Super 27, Neo, Vista, Summit.

Please note:
Regency can only be purchased from our South Coast store and is not available at our City store.