Commercial Hot Water Systems & Solutions

Carman Heating can build hot water systems for various applications, which provide hot water for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, as well as heating the building, These systems can use a combination of a number of different fuel sources, such as solar, gas, heat pump and wood.

Residential Care Facilities: Carman Heating has installed floor heating systems and hot water systems in resendential care facilities for over 30 years. We can design, supply and install all of your heating and hot water requirements.

Large Homes and Facilities: Heating and supplying hot water to larger homes and facilities using cost efficient condensing boilers.

Wineries: We can design and build hot water boiler systems that can be used to maintain or increase the temperature of must or wine juice to help the fermentation process and also perform high temperature barrel washing.

Pool Heating: We can design and build boiler systems to be used to heat both domestic and commercial pools and spas, using a combination of different heating units such as gas or heat pump combined with solar.

Restaurants and Community Clubs: We can design the right hot water system to suit your needs with combination systems using gas, electric, solar and storage.

Piggeries: We can offer a number of heating systems for the breeding of pigs such as; under floor heating and heating floor panels with warm water which is thermostatically controlled.

Fisheries: We can offer a number of designs and build hot water systems to keep water tanks at constant temperatures for the breeding of fish and the hatching of fishlings and the growing of algae and rachis for fish feeding.

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