Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating Adelaide


Hydronic underfloor heating is the most comfortable and pleasant form of heating, due to its natural radiation and convection. Floor heating is usually installed in new homes or extensions where the pipes are laid before the concrete slab is poured. The water is heated and circulated through the home, where the pipes are laid in a pattern that allows the heat to be evenly distributed. The heat is then transferred to the surface of the slab, where it provides comfortable, gentle warmth to the room. Hydronic underfloor heating has no fan force air movement so dust is minimised making it the ideal form of heating for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It is silent, reliable and healthy.

Your whole home is a constant temperature and can be controlled by a central thermostat and programmed to come on and off at the temperature you want. Individual zones can be set up to be turned on or off, or set at different temperatures. With the introduction of high efficiency boilers and heat pumps, running costs have been greatly reduced. Another benefit of choosing a hydronic heating system is that you are not locked into one fuel source. The fuel source to heat the water can be solar, gas (natural or LPG), wood, heat pump or a combination of these fuels.

Solar boosted systems input free solar energy to assist with heating your home, as well as supplying your domestic hot water. By choosing a solar assisted system minimizes the impact on the earth's fragile environment. Because floor heating is a healthy, economical, efficient and eco friendly form of heating it is the logical choice when you are choosing heating for your new home, business or extension.

Imagine waking to a warm house on a frosty morning and coming back to a cosy home on a cold winter's night.

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How it works

How it works - hydronic underfloor heating



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