Gas Fires



A gas log fire provides more than just heat; it’s a centrepiece to your home. Fireplaces are one of the favourite features of homeowners, and gas log fires offer many advantages.

Here are five reasons to choose a gas log fire:


Forget about sourcing, buying and storing firewood, and worrying about spiders and other creepy crawlies possibly getting into your home. Lighting gas logs is quick and easy, which means there is minimal hassle to enjoying a delightful fire in your home. You will love being able to simply flick a switch or even use a remote control to get your fire started.

Authentic in appearance

Glow installs stunning gas log fires with choices including glowing pebbles or Australian Eucalyptus logs. The long landscape designs available will make a bold and beautiful statement in your home.


Buying firewood can be costly and time consuming. Not only that, you don’t get a lot of control with heat output when burning real wood. With a gas log fire, you have precise control over how much gas is used and how much heat fills the room. The total cost involved with buying and installing a gas log fire in your home can also be more affordable when compared with other forms of heating.

Easy to maintain

Another benefit of gas logs is how easy it is to keep the hearth area, firebox and chimney clean. Gas logs don’t decompose during combustion nor do they pop and crackle and send embers and ash outside the firebox. Compared with wood, gas logs burn much cleaner, thereby producing far less creosote that sticks to the walls of a chimney or chimney liner that must be cleaned regularly.


Environmentally friendly

There are few pollutants that result from using natural gas, making gas logs an environmentally friendly choice. If you are conscious of the importance of protecting the environment, gas logs may be the right choice for you.


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Natural Gas Rebate

Natural Gas is currently offering a number of rebates such as FREE gas connection PLUS $500 connection bonus*, $500 off when you install gas hot water, central heating (gas ducted | hydronic heating), or space heating*, $100 off when you install additional natural gas appliances*, and generous rebate offers for McLaren Vale homes*.

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