Product Range

Floor Heating Hydronic floor heating is the most comfortable and pleasant form of heating , due to its natural radiation and convection. Floor heating is usually installed in new homes or extensions where the pipes are laid before the concrete slab is poured. The water is heated and circulated through the home, where the pipes are laid in a pattern that allows the heat to be evenly distributed. The heat is then transferred to the surface of the slab, where it provides comfortable, gentle warmth to the room. Floor heating has no fan force air movement so dust is minimized making it the ideal form of heating for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. It is silent, reliable and healthy.

Radiator Heating Radiator heating uses the same principles of floor heating with the heated water circulated through wall mounted radiators that are installed in individual rooms.  Each radiator can be individually or thermostatically controlled. This allows room temperatures to be changed to suit individual needs to provide the ultimate comfort. Living areas can be kept at a higher temperature than the bedrooms, and unused rooms can be run at a lower temperature or turned off entirely

Solar Hot Water By installing a solar hot water system you could reduce your family's energy bills by 80% as well as helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Evacuated solar systems operate more efficiently in cooler months than the standard flat panel system. This technology is proven to be more efficient and has been used in Europe for many years. These systems are ideal for our harsh Australian conditions either in cold frost prone areas or in high humidity or seaside sites.

Commercial Hot Water Carman Heating can build hot water systems for various applications, which provide hot water for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms, as well as heating the building, These systems can use a combination of a number of different fuel sources, such as solar, gas, heat pump and wood.